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When you're approaching a red light at a busy traffic intersection, what do you do? You press your foot down on the brake pedal and bring your car to a complete stop. You depend on the braking system to keep from rear-ending the vehicle in front of you. Without functional brake pads and rotors, you put yourself at greater risk for a collision. To keep your brakes in top-notch condition, schedule regular brake inspections at Philpott Hyundai.


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More About Your Hyundai Braking System

When you press down on the brake pedal inside your Hyundai, do you know what happens? There's pressure applied to the brake pads, which attach themselves to the brake rotors. The pads, in turn, cause friction on the rotors, which help to slow down the wheels. That's the gist of how the brake system operates. You can see the crucial roles that brake pads play, which is why you need to know when to replace them.

Warning Signs That Indicate a Replacement

Brakes tend to last anywhere between 25,000 to 50,000 miles. When your brake pads begin to wear down, you'll hear warning signs such as squealing and screeching sounds. The brake rotors are another component that experiences typical wear. During a brake inspection at Philpott Hyundai, a certified technician will inspect all the parts of your braking system, including the pads, rotors, calipers, and fluid. If you need a replacement for any of these, we'll use genuine Hyundai parts.

Schedule Your Brake Appointment at Philpott Hyundai

If you notice a shift in vehicle handling or hear abnormal sounds, it's time to have your brakes checked. You'll register for a service appointment through the Philpott Hyundai website. After confirming your service center visit, you can browse the online service specials to see any brake-related discounts. The trained technicians at Philpott Hyundai will let you know after the inspection if you need a brake replacement.

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