Travel With Dog: Find a Pet-Ready Hyundai Vehicle

You want to opt for the vehicle that has the necessary features to accommodate your canine best friend. You want them to travel alongside you comfortable and safe.

3 Dog-friendly Vehicle Features

  • The cargo space you select would be based on the size of your dog, average number of passengers, and routine amount of cargo.
  • The height of the backseat should be as low as possible. This makes it less intimidating for them to climb in and out.
  • Some vehicle manufacturers will provide you with the option of adding a pet gate. Dogs tend to get anxious and restless after awhile. The gate will keep them safe and secure during your long road trips. The low liftover will attach to the rear end of the vehicle and enable your dog to easily enter and exit the vehicle.

Bring a photo of your dog and let us help you find the right vehicle for you and your pet.



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