Avoiding Glare When Driving is Easy

Sun glare when driving is sometimes unavoidable. This is especially true in cities like ours, where the sun seems to be present around every turn. It is one thing to have light barriers in your car, but other things can cause a glare that truly interferes with driving.

All drivers should know that objects in the car can produce glare and driver distraction. Keeping wadded papers and ornaments out of your line of sight is important. Certain vehicle performance issues can also produce windshield glare that are difficult to deal with. If you have a freon leak from your coolant system, this fluid will cover your windshield in a sheen that makes visibility difficult.

If you have cleaned your windshield, but still experience troubles with sun glare, it’s time to ask a professional about your options. The team at Philpott Hyundai can suggest simple fixes for your tough time driving with glare. Options include easy fixes to vehicle systems, and simple things you can do to your car’s interior that minimize driving problems. Driving with glare can easily be overcome with a few modifications.



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