The Hyundai Veloster is a unique vehicle that you can check out at Philpott Hyundai. The Veloster has a third door in the side and a hatchback to more easily accommodate passengers and the cargo that you need to transport. The Hyundai Veloster offers outstanding performance features that provide great handling. acceleration and driver control.

One of the performance options that you will find on the Hyundai Veloster is sport-tuned steering. This type of steering provides quick turns, and it provides feedback to the driver so that the driver gets a better feel for the road and road conditions. Sport-tuned steering helps the Veloster really handle tight corners.

When you own a Hyundai Veloster, the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission gives you an automatic and standard transmission in a single package. The Veloster offers paddle shifters that are attached to the steering wheel so that you are in control of the driving experience.



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