The Hyundai Veloster has Much to Offer

You are determined to purchase a vehicle that is not only unique but also is set up with great features. The Hyundai Veloster is a popular coupe and it is a vehicle that has a look that helps it stand out from those around it. Come to Philpott Hyundai to learn more about the features of this vehicle.

Are you anxious to get into a new vehicle and right away connect your phone to it to use your apps while on the road? The Hyundai Veloster is set up with the technology that you need to connect either an Android or an Apple phone right to the infotainment center in the vehicle.

Are you looking to let natural light into your vehicle? Are you searching for a vehicle that gives you the option to get set up with a sunroof? You have that option with the Hyundai Veloster, and it can change up your vehicle.



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