What Can You do For Your Transmission?

While you have likely heard how important it is to make sure that your engine oil is topped off and changed every now and then, you might not realize that making sure your transmission fluid level is good, as well as making sure the fluid itself is good, is almost as important. Without your transmission working right, you will not be able to get from point a to point b in Nederland as your wheels won't be turning. When you stop in to to get your oil changed, you should have your transmission fluid checked and changed as well.

The changing of this fluid won't be as often as engine oil, but it will come sooner or later. If you're not sure if you need to have your transmission serviced, stop in to our Hyundai service facility at Philpott Hyundai and have an expert look everything over. You won't regret taking this important step to make sure your car is in as good a shape as possible.

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