Discover the Hyundai Kona's Safety Features

The popular small SUV class of vehicles is prized for the versatility it offers drivers on the road, as well as its safety rating. Hyundai's entry into this market is its compact SUV Kona. In addition to agility on the road and comfort in the cabin, it offers a range of passive safety measures and also focuses on active safety, proactively avoiding collision scenarios.

The Kona's Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist system uses the vehicle's forward camera and radar to constantly scan the road ahead. If it senses an obstruction in the form of a fixed object, pedestrian or another vehicle, it will alert the driver if a collision seems imminent. The new Hyundai Kona will also engage the brakes in a likely crash scenario if the driver has failed to do so, lessening a possible impact.

Another active safety feature is the Kona's Lane Keeping Assist. By monitoring the car's placement in a lane, it can sense when the vehicle begins to veer away and alert the driver.



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