When Should You Consider Your Belts and Hoses?

The belts and hoses in your vehicle's engine and throughout your vehicle, though often overlooked when it comes to the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle, need to be checked and monitored as much as any other pieces of equipment for safe and dependable vehicle operation. Some critical areas hoses provide service to include the fuel line, vacuum line, and brake lines. Belts that are essential in proper functioning include drive belts, serpentine belts, and timing belts. Several belts on newer model cars help operate power steering, air conditioning, the radiator fan, alternator, and water pump.

If you're encountering squeaking sounds when the engine is turned on, there is a fluid leakage underneath your vehicle, or there is a decrease in your auto's performance, faulty belts or hoses could very well be the problem. If you feel you have concerns in one of these areas, visit our Hyundai service center in Nederland, Texas today for a comprehensive check-up.

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