Trunk-Or-Treat For The First Time Event Goer

A Trunk-or-treat is a family-friendly Halloween event. It allows kids to visit with people outside of their vehicles and get treats safely. The vehicles are decorated with plenty of Halloween spirit. Ideas can range from contemporary to the old school. Themes are only limited by your imagination and finances.

Here are some quick ideas on how to make your Trunk-or-treat vehicle stand out.

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What should you do when you see the Check Engine Light?

Your vehicle engine is an important part of your car. Regardless of whether you are out for business or leisure, always take it seriously when you see the check engine light come on. This light alerts you that there is a malfunction in your engine somewhere. There could be a number of reasons why your check engine light may come on.

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Hyundai is working to make the buying process easier and the buyer more confident

Making the decision to buy a car is not always a simple one. There are so many types of vehicles from sedans to crossovers, gasoline engines versus hybrids, deciding whether to lease or buy, and those are just at the start of the process. Hyundai is rolling out its Shopper Assurance program to make the process easier, faster and worry-free.

Hyundai has a four-step process that starts with transparent pricing so you know exactly what the market pricing is. 


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How Philpott Hyundai is Helping to Rebuild

It was just two weeks ago that the city of Houston and the surrounding communities suffered what is surely one of the most serious natural disasters hit land in the form of Hurricane Harvey. This was truly one of the most devastating things to happen with resulting flooding, power outages, and loss of property. But, we here at Philpott Hyundai in Nederland, TX know that the people in Houston, Nederland, and the surrounding areas will rebuild and be stronger than ever.

We are incredibly proud of the resiliency and courage that everyone in the state of Texas has shown over…

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Fix Up Your Hyundai with OEM Hyundai Parts



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You might have heard that the best way to maintain your Hyundai is with genuine Hyundai parts, but what does that mean? Isn't a part a part?

The truth is that original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts bring a few things to the table that off-brand parts don't.

OEM Hyundai parts are brought to you by the same manufacturer that brought you your beloved Hyundai. As such, they provide a perfect fit and guarantee a level of quality that is not promised by…

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